Little Moon Farm is growing food for families and chefs in Napa


Little Moon Farm was founded in December of 2017 by Farmer Rachel on a former horse pasture on the east side of Napa. When she first visited this parcel of land, she was immediately delighted to observe the red earth, the twin grandmother oaks, the beautiful vistas, and to meet the kind and supportive land owners, Carole and Keni Kent. She is so excited to bring over a decade of farming experience to this land.

In the inaugural year, 2018, Little Moon Farm provided up to 25 families with weekly bountiful shares of produce and flowers and as well as providing produce to several chefs and caterers. As the soil health grows, we look forward to doubling production in 2019, bringing more fresh produce to local eaters and chefs of Napa (and Sonoma).

While not currently certified organic, Little Moon Farm uses all organic practices, compost, fertilizers and soil amendments. We use organic seeds, bulbs, and tubers, whenever available. Our intention is to nurture the soil first with compost and cover crop, and our community second with sustainably and responsibly grown food.

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Rachel has been managing small diversified produce farms in the Sonoma Valley since 2010 (Lunita Farm, Sweetwater Spectrum, Flatbed Farm), and recently made the move to Napa County, beginning to farm in Napa in 2018. Her farming history is much longer than that though. Her love for agriculture began when she learned to milk cows and pick strawberries as an 11 year old at Journey's End Farm Camp in Pennsylvania. Ever since, she has followed opportunities to farm from the East Coast to the Middle East to the Pacific Northwest, finally landing in the Bay Area. Rachel loves to grow, eat and share food and flowers, and hopes to make Napa her long-term home and farming grounds.

As a perennial student, she has studied permaculture and landscaping design over the last five years, and now brings her agricultural and design backgrounds together to design edible gardens, and hopes to help bring many more edible gardens to the homes, wineries, restaurants, and schools of Napa and Sonoma Valleys.

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